Social Gaming Event – Beyond: Two Souls (4/10/13)

Today (4/10/13) we attended a social gaming event which involved the full version of the game, Pre release. Me and a group of 3 fellow students attended this event with an expectation of over 100 people attending, that mark fell well short (8 people including us 4 students) 4 people as excited about the launch as us.

We was unable to take photos or videos of the event due to copyright issues and other things of that sort, but we was allowed to take a photo of the tall poster (Not brilliant but its all we could get)

Beyond Two Souls 4/10/13

Due to the tiny number of people at the event we was able to play and test the game with great ease. The game its self is beautifully textured and rendered, with great focus and detail on the characters and models. The controls are very fluid and felt like you actually had control of a real person, that being said the game doesn’t give the player much control during gameplay. Like I said its beautifully rendered and the designers don’t mind showing it, most of the action is done through quick time events (QTE’s) Where the player has a series of buttons or actions to input, in a specific order, the speed and accuracy of the players input will be reflected in the outcome of the QTE. The outcome will be good if the player does everything correct, or could be bad if the player does it incorrectly.

Overall the experience was enjoyable (Not only for the free pizza) but the lack of people meant if we wanted we could have finished the game, but I am very much looking forward to the launch and immersing myself in the gameplay. As for the graphics and textures, every aspect was beautiful and the cinematic style (much like Heavy Rain) will make for very intense gameplay. 

I will be posting more events in here as and when I attend them. The next I believe is the 15/11/13 – 16/11/13 for the Platform Expos in Hull.


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