Research Focus – Revenue & Sales (30/09/13 – 07/10/13)

On (30/09/13) we was introduced to the Module and our Brief to make an interactive presentation of our research into the history of gaming. We was shown a 45 minute video called Thumb Candy. This video was very interesting and had a lot of useful information.

“Our lives aren’t even about doing real things most of the time. We think and talk about people we’ve never met, pretend to visit places we’ve never actually been to, discuss things that are just names as though they were as real as rocks or animals or something.”

– Tad Williams, Otherland: Mountain of Black Glass

On (7/10/13) we have been given a focus for our research into the history of gaming. My research focus is on Revenue and Sales, which personally i will find very interesting. In the video i have linked, the designer of Tetris (Alexey Pazhitnov) didn’t get a penny for selling Tetris due to the soviet Government selling it for £30 mil. I will be going further back than the creator of Tetris and looking at this in a lot more detail.

As for the actual timeline, i plan to make an interactive Sales Chart with 2 separate lines and charts that become 3d once combined, one to represent the sales and one to represent revenue. The X-axis will be the Time/progression and the Y-axis will represent the sales & revenue with focus on one or the other and having the non selected section fade out to give a clear view of information.

Progress-Sales-Progress-Sales-Chartbar chart

As a representation. I would like to have the chart 3d with 2 line that are next to each other.


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