CATS – Log Book – Entry #1 (4/10/13)

During our first CATS (Critical and Theoretical Studies) lesson we was given an introduction to what we would be doing in this semester, this involves not only learning the history and theories of Games Design but also to look at them in a different perspective to give us a “toolbox of information” about our “Discipline”. We will look at others that give us inspiration and use their work to influence our own.

The first exercise we was given multiple pictures ranging from the Magnavox Odyssey (The first household Gaming Platform) to the iPad (The handheld Computer) and asked to us what they mean in relation to our chosen subject. We decided as a group to split these pictures up and discuss what each picture meant and how it was relevant to our course.

Then we was asked how Cultural artefact, Material culture, Media practice and Form of entertainment was relevant to Games Design. We discussed this in our group and identified that in some way each of them are relevant to Games Design.

Cultural artefact – The history and future of gaming shapes cultures of all varieties and ages due to the social participation involved in playing and discussing games and how it brings people together.

Material culture – That a game has evolved into a social gathering point online to speak and play the game co operatively for example: World of Warcraft

Media practice – One of the largest industries in the world with roughly 70% of people world wide playing video games and 91% of children are gamers

Form of entertainment – Goes without saying really, one of the most used forms of entertainment around the world with around 3 Billion Hours a Week spent gaming World wide.

We was then asked our opinions of what we believe the relationship is between a game and a gamer. This question is not easy to answer due to it being totally reliant on both the game (Thriller, Shooter, Action, Adventure etc…) and the gamer (Casual, Heavy or Spare time player) these factors all play a part in how Immersed the gamer will be in the game, it depends completely on the Type of player and the Type of Game.

After this lengthy discussion we watched a humorous video on a lecture held by Kevin Kelly hosted by TED on how technology evolves

Once we had watched this we was given a brief and a piece of homework. The homework was some keywords to expand our vocabulary and also we had to bring in a picture that brought us into the idea of Games Design. I chose to pick a game that me and my friend played that really brought me into the idea of Games Design/Creature design and to pursue it as a career choice. My game of choice was Gears of War, this game to me is a fantastic piece of art with all of the creatures being hideously deformed, although some do have a humanoid figure, this to me i really found interesting and is the reason i chose this picture.


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