Basic Photoshop and Colouring (14/10/13)

Today in Technical skills we have been introduced to Photoshop. Photoshop is a key piece of software for any games designer to have a knowledge of and be at his disposal. It has taken me longer to get used to it than most, but I am picking it up slowly and working on my Emerald Dragon Logo. This logo is just a prototype and i will be making some more rough designs for my logo and see which i prefer.

Emerald Dragon Template

I scanned this image into the computer at 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) and imported it into Photoshop and have been working on it to make it look nicer. I will make another post on my progress of this picture.

We learned about the DPI (Dots Per Inch) 72 DPI tends to be used for the web as pictures like this tend to be small and not used for much things other than an avatar or profile picture, pictures at this DPI are quick to load on a computer. Then we have 150 DPI which is used for web as its fairly easy to load but can also be used for printing as a picture at this DPI wont distort very much during the printing process. Finally we have 300 DPI which is what my dragon is scanned at, this setting will give the best quality when printing and as it is so big i can then reduce the size to fit my needs.

We was then introduced to some basic tools, most of these tools you can find any simple program like paint or similar software. But a few of the tools are only used on Photoshop such as layers, Layers allow you to make slight changes to a picture and place them on top of or merge them together with the actual photo. The Burn and Dodge tool can be used to make colour lighter, The Dodge tool, or to make the colour darker, The Burn tool.

Emerald Dragon Template 2

This is basically the same picture but with a copy of the background over the top and merged to make the lines darker and everything else pop. I will be making more prototypes for my logo and i will keep them updated on my blog.

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