CATS – Log Book – Entry #2 (11/10/13)

Today in CATS we spoke and learned about “Analysis” what it means and what it is.

“A detailed examination of the elements or structure”

Last week we was asked to take or find a picture that got us interested in games design, I chose to bring in a picture from a game Gears Of War as this game is the first game me and a friend played together and it was the creatures “Locust” that got me interested in games design and 3D modelling.

After this brief discussion/analysis of the pictures we brought in we went on to analysing a clip from a film “2001 Space Odyssey”

we had to analyse this short clip, these are the notes that I got:

  • Monotone Voice
  • Hissing Sounds
  • Heavy Breathing
  • Empty Silence
  • Red Room
  • Emotionless Voice but words full of Emotion
  • Zero gravity – Very slow but focused movement

These are the notes I got from the short clip and we then discussed with the rest of the class what we got for our analysis and discussed what we all thought it meant. The tutor went around the room and gave us all keywords that we had to look at and analyse the clip based around these words. My groups key words were Sound, Movement and Time. All of these words link together as the common theme for the clip is Haste and Fear. As the character is moving through the scene you can hear a constant hissing sound (Like air leaking from his oxygen supply) which gives you the feeling of urgency, the movement was very slow, we deducted it was due to the zero gravity of space and how difficult it must have been to move. Finally, Time, we felt that the clip was packed with tension and that combined with the sounds and atmosphere, that for Dave (The Character Deactivating HAL) those 4 minutes could have felt like hours.

Shortly after we was set an Essay to do by next week analysing a cultural artifact, this could be a picture or movie or game. We had to use 3 stage analysis, Description of what we see, Analysis of what the work is about, Interpretation of what it all means, with your own personal opinions and experience thrown in.


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