Drawing 101 – Life Drawing (16/10/13)

Today in drawing 101 we got a nice chance to practice at life and observational drawing. Gareth brought in some musical instruments that we got chance to look at and draw, he brought in some art supplies and come mannequins that we got a chance to observe and sketch.

The Art supplies where the easiest to draw because most of it was simple geometric shapes and shading, i wish i had spent more time on drawing these.


The next step up was the mannequins because these where not just simple shapes, but they gave you the basic contour lines in the seams of the fabric the was covered in. Lastly was the hardest of the 3 due to them being unusual shapes and not having visible contour lines, I really wanted to push myself and give these a go, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the picture with a student in it.

20131016_120705 20131016_120720


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