CATS – Log Book – Entry #3 (18/10/13)

Today in our CATS session we have been introduced to Semiotics

Oxford English Dictionary – Semiotics

The study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.

“Semiology is the study of the signs and signals, the symbols, gestures and messages through which western society sustains sells, identifies and yet obscures itself…” (Dennis Potter)

We spoke in great detail about Semiotics and Semiology in both Games and Web design and how its is used within our chosen discipline. We was shown a series of photos one of which was Mario after he had eaten a super mushroom and was smashing things.


We was asked to analyse Mario, his position on screen and how he is the main focal point of the screenshot, after we analysed how he is in the centre of the screen moving from left to right in the level (We have been lead to believe means that a character on the left hand side of the screen is generally bad and the character on the right hand side of the screen is generally good) we deduced Mario is on the left side of the screen trying to get to the right and that the enemies are on the right trying to get to the left of the screen.

After we analysed the position of things on the screen we turned our attention to what Mario was wearing, his hat was a main question by the tutor, why is he wearing a hat. Being Games Design students we have researched into the history of games we like and grew up with, during our research we found that the only reason Mario was wearing a hat is that when the Developers made the game they didn’t intend of giving Mario a hat but the technology of the time didn’t have the capability to animate his hair so they gave him a hat.

During this lesson i learned a lot of useful things from:

Semiotics – The use and study of signs and signals in games.

Harvard Referencing –

And Finally Bibliography which is basically a follow up on your research in the area you are looking at, below are a few sites that I found in my research into Semiotics.


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