Creativity – Design Process (23/10/13)

Today in our lesson we discussed creativity and how it is linked to certain genes and how it can be turned on and off. This I find interesting as you can often hear about artists or creative people needing inspiration before they can do work.

Well during our lesson we was shown a method/process that our tutor Gareth uses in every project or brief that he has, or will do. This process is interesting and he asked us all if we had a method of completing projects or pieces of work, I am not aware of any process I go through to complete work, our tutor was not shocked at non of us being aware of a process that we go through. Our tutor then went on to explain that during our time at college, it is the perfect time to develop our process and become aware of it.

Gareth showed us his design process that he had written down on paper and was able to visualise it step by step. Here is a link to his own personal blog post showing said design process:


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