CATS – Log Book – Entry #4 (25/10/13)

Our lesson today was mainly focused on individual evaluations and tutorials in which we spoke about our Visual Analysis task. I was pleased with the results of my task for the main part, the only part that let me down was the summary of my task. My tutor described it more as a review rather than an analysis and I was asked to redo the last part of the task and focus more on analysis and the visual aspect of the game instead of reviewing it in general. With this in mind I immediately took to a computer to amend my task hopefully to the standard which is required.

However the first part of our lesson was an introduction to a new topic, that topic is Contextualising Digital Culture: Histories. It sounds complicated and it was hard for me to wrap my head around at first but it is just a part of a much bigger topic we will be discussing over the coming weeks. We started discussing Modernism, this is a subject that I was able to understand. We started off with a few Keywords to expand our vocabulary, those words are as follows (With a little description of each word)

  • Modernity – Modernity is the experience of modern life compared to that before Industrialisation.
  • Modernisation – This is the process of change that brings about Modernity.
  • Modernism – The reaction to the experience of Modernity in the cultural sphere. This was between 1880 – 1960.
  • Finally Post Modernism – Is from 1960 Onwards and generally follows Modernism.

After we went through these Keywords we moved on to the factors that define Modernism:

  1. The First point we covered is Industrialisation – Industrialisation is a part of a wider Modernisation process, Where social change and economic growth are closely related with technological development, especially with the development of large scale energy and metallurgy production. This can all be linked to the Building of more cities and more jobs opening up as mass production and new materials are being introduced into society.
  2. The Second point is Social Changes – Social Changes refers to a change in the social order of a society, these may be changes in nature or social behaviours. This can be linked to the sudden increase in gamers worldwide with more than 74% of them being female.
  3. The Third being New Technologies & Scientific Advances – These basically need no description new technologies are linked to things such as the new consoles emerging. Scientific Advances could link to medical advances and our better understanding of science or it could link to betterment in power generation and science of cleaner more sustainable energy.
  4. Finally we discussed Political Changes – Political Changes can be linked to the same point as social changes only political instead.

We then went on to talk briefly about Henry Ford and Fordism, Which we will go further into detail next session.


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