SketchUp – The Basics (4/11/13)

In today’s session we have been introduced to a piece of software called Sketch Up. This software was used to build a lot of the Uncharted Environments

This Software is very easy to use and during our session we was taught about all the different tools and shapes we can make and how to do them. After which we all got our hands on the software to see what we could build, I looked around and saw people designing buildings and structures and I didn’t want a massive building for my first piece.

I loaded up the software and straight away you can see lots of options for choosing a template, I decided to choose and Architectural Template in Millimetres, choosing the correct measurements are key in making scale objects. So right away I could see people doing huge buildings and I thought to myself I don’t want to do something massive for my first time, so I decided to build a piece of LEGO to scale and in as much detail as I could, I was happy with my results.


These are the results of just a couple of minutes work and using only the basic tools, with more practice and time I think I could do some amazing pieces of 3D Concept in SketchUp and then transfer my 3D model, like I have done above, into Photoshop and produce some decent work in short time.

I have this software at home and will continue to play around with it and see what I can produce.


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