3D Realisation – Software Training – 3DS Max (13/11/13)

Today in 3D Realisation we have finally been introduced to some new software, 3DS Max, the basic tools and a tutorial to make a simple crate. We have learned about Vertex, the most simple explanation of a vertex is a single point in space, an Edge which is a line that connects to Vertex points together, a Tri Polygon, connecting 3 Vertex Points together and finally a Quad Polygon, connecting 4 Vertex points together. Today we are working with Quad polys to make a Crate. After our brief and explanation of the software we was given a hand out to play around with the software and learn the basic layout and view of the screen.

3DS Max screenshot

This a screenshot of the software that we have been using today, it has a lot of the simple buttons that most software has like Save, Open and New. Under these buttons is the Main Toolbar, this is where many of the actions happen like Select, Move and Scale, these can all be used to make and edit the object on screen. Directly bellow this is the main view and the view ports, this selection is split into Quadrants to give different views like Top, Front and Perspective. Next to the main view is the Command panel which houses tools such as the Create Tab, Modify and Display Tabs.


This is my attempt at making a cube using a worksheet tutorial to give us an easy step by step guide to follow. We had to make a Simple Cube and edit the size to meet the requirement for next weeks task, we needed to make the cube perfectly symmetrical, to do this we needed to enter the parameters at 50/50/50, this make the cube 50 Wide by 50 Long and 50 Tall. We then needed to make this simple shape into an editable shape, by selecting the modify tab and right clicking on the box and making it an Editable Poly and selecting the faces to Offset and Indent, this basically make the selected area on one face of the cube smaller so it doesn’t affect the whole face and then Indent the partially affected area to make it look like its a cube that is reinforced by a frame of a cube. After this task we have been told we need to bring our non textured cube in next week for a more advanced lesson, so after this we all tried to make a different shape in the same style but with a texture placed on top, this was extremely easy once we knew the basics.


This is the Pyramid i made once being told that we needed to use our cube. Once you know the basic tools and where they are positioned on screen you can easily navigate to them and do what needs to be done.


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