Project – Game Pitch Ideas (9/11/13)

So today I was at work and had a free hour to do my own thing, I took my notepad and had a massive surge of ideas for my pitch within our project. My primary idea revolved around the legend of Robin Hood (Possible game title right there) but it is not just the steal from the rich to give to the poor, my idea revolved around the time he became an outlaw and the events leading up to his banishment. This idea draws from the movie Robin Hood this is set in the time of King Richard and Robin Longstride is a part of his army Pillaging his was through France to return to England. The scenes in this movie would be excellent game levels, for example

In this scene SG-1 encounter the false God Seth.

These are just my Primary ideas about this project but I will be doing my focus on Stargate.

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