Casual Games – Ideas & Research (10/11/13)

So I have been working over the weekend and managed to get an hour or so research done in my spare time. I decided to crack on with my casual games work and get some research done into the term (Casual Game/Gamer). Firstly we need to look at what are the defining characteristics of a casual game, could it be that the game needs very little rules to be able to play, or is it a game that you can pick up and put down and pick up whenever you want and be able to play, or maybe it is as simple as you can play it on your phone on the go.

I decided to make a simple list of key characteristics of a casual game:

  • Simple gameplay – Games that can be played using only a few buttons (Phone Keypad or Mouse).
  • Short but sweet levels that can be finished fairly quickly.
  • Games that can be played in break times or during travel (Preferably Public).
  • Being able to get into gameplay very quickly.
  • Usually have a free to play or trail, a few levels as a teaser.

These are just my starting and initial ideas about casual games. After these points i decided that i should have a look at when the different categories of Gamers arose: Casual Gamer, Hardcore Gamer, Retro and so on, unfortunately i didn’t have an internet connection at work so i had to make notes about my ideas and research them when i got home.

I will be making another post about my proposal for my casual game that i will be building in flash.


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