Casual Games – Proposal (11/11/13)

We have been tasked with making a proposal for a Casual Game to be produced in Adobe Flash. This is linked directly to our Casual Games session in which we learned about Adobe Flash Professional. We had a brief discussion at the end of last weeks session about making a casual game, my proposal for a casual game is going to be a simple 2D hangman style game with all the questions relating to Games design and the software we have used so far.

This game should be simple enough to produce in Flash and will have all the characteristics of being a casual game. For this game i will need to produce a series of questions and learn a lot more about Flash Code, this will be difficult to produce at first as i have only 1 previous experience on Flash and that was producing a bouncing ball. I am looking forward to see if i can produce this in the time given, it is going to be a challenge, but will ultimately prove useful in producing my History of Revenue & Sales Timeline in a separate Module.


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