Games Design: An Introduction – Group Project – Alaskan Secret (18/11/13)

Today in our Games Design: Introduction session we have been set, a 1 day, Group  Project to make a game idea, from nothing but a few key words. First things first we needed a group and to combat this problem Paul, our Tutor made us draw 1 card from a deck of cards and devised a system for us to be split into groups. Me and Jason drew Kings, and Dave drew a 9, this put us in a good position to be in the same group, and seeing as we all work really well together this put us in one of the best positions in the group. Paul decided that Kings, and whatever the nearest number was, should be in the same group, this happened to be the number 9 and our group name came to us in seconds, The Kings of the 9ine. This was such a quick name, as i said it came to us in seconds, but still powerful. The next thing to do was to make us pick 3 items out of a hat (Plastic bucket) each with their own topic, with our heads held high over the sheer awesomeness of our group name, we plucked 3 items out of the bucket and we just had to marvel at our picks as we definitely won the bunch. The other 2 groups: Team Rocket & RAS both got really horrible picks for making a game.

Team rocket got:

  • Geology
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • On Holiday

And RAS got:

  • Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Glue Gun
  • In a Storm

Our picks compared to these, in the sense of making a game are Phenomenal, these where our picks:

  • Haunted/Ghosts
  • Musical Instruments
  • In Alaska

This is by far the best choices because instantly you can see that with musical instruments and haunting you are going to have the instruments floating around at some point, and as for the individual points, Haunted/Ghosts can be associated with a few games, Luigi’s Mansion and Pacman to name only 2, as for the other 2 we had to do a bit of research and found that Alaska was owned by Russia at one point then sold the land to America. We decided this was perfect to fit our game and found a Russian Musician to Haunt our Abandoned Mansion in Alaska.

We all agreed on this after a little bit of discussion and decided to make up some rough sketches of the Mansion and an interior design, seeing as we have gone for the Russian Musician we decided to make the Mansion in a Russian Theme. After our initial ideas and sketches we decided to split our effort and focus on refining each individual points, We had Jason working on the Exterior Design of the Building, Dave working on making a 3D model of a Piccolo Flute in SketchUp, Victor working on Level Design and Finally me working on the Interior Decoration and furniture.

For me the choice was simple in making interior, do it in SketchUp and colour it using Photoshop. This technique i enjoy doing very much because you can make a lot of changes to a simple room by just adding some simple colour and pictures, This was the result of my work in SketchUp

Alaskan Secret All LinesThis was just a Basic shot.

No EdgesThis shot removed Edges.

No LinesThis shot removed all Lines.

No Lines With ShadowThis shot added Shadows.

All Lines With ShadowAgain but with Lines and Shadows.

I must add that I didn’t model the Grand Piano in this shot, I downloaded it off the 3D Workshop as we only had a limited time to make this Idea into a plausible game.

So with everyone on track in their respective area of this level i decided to move onto The Photoshop part and add some atmosphere and colour to this piece. This was the result of roughly 2 Hours work

Alaskan Secret RoomThis is my finished piece, I didn’t get screenshots of progression by mistake but you get the idea

At first the thing do was pick a shot from above and take it into Photoshop, I chose the shot with All lines and no Shadows, I picked this shot because i wanted to test myself and add the shadows in from my own perspective, I was very pleased with the results and I will continue this piece of work in Photoshop so that i can add colour and Shadows to the walls and make this picture look a lot more like a model and less like a 2D Graphic (Which is how I imported it to Photoshop)

This concluded my work and I wanted to check out everyone else’s progress, Jason and Victor had started out making a level plan but was struggling to work on the same computer on 2 different aspects of the design, so Jason moved on to make a Graphic Title for the Game (Logo) this was the result of clever thinking and some helpful input from the group.

img002Jason’s Logo

Jason then moved on to the Exterior Design of the mansion, he made all of this in SketchUp, and i could tell that he was pleased with the results of his work.

After he made this picture I was able to take a 2D Graphic of the building and take that graphic into Photoshop and made this

Alaskan Secret ShotMy work in Photoshop, roughly 10 minutes work

I then checked out Dave’s work on the Flute and it was looking fantastic, you could really get a sense of what the flute would look and feel like,

Prop Piccolo Flute No LinesThis is the Piccolo Flute with No Lines

And Finally we have Victors Level Plan,

Alaskan Secrect Level 1 LayoutLevel 1 Layout

Alaskan Secrect Level 2 LayoutLevel 2 Layout

This concluded our days work and we all are very pleased with the outcome of our days work and i think we will be continuing working on this for a while. I will update you on any further developments.


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