Dungeons & Dragons – Social Event – Personal (7/11/13)

So today a load of guys from our group, and even someone from the animation group turned up to play a game i have been interested in for quite a while, Dungeons & Dragons. We turned up to a students house, With beer and the Game, and the evening started off slow but we still managed to have a good laugh about a few things, for instance i took a toy Nerf gun. While we waited for everyone to arrive we all just sat back and chilled with a few beers, in hind sight we sound have started our character sheets and when the others arrived it would have only been 2 people left to make characters and saved us a lot of time.

Once everyone had arrived we set up and started making our characters, I went for an Elven Ranger as this character and play style has been a personal favorite since i started playing games seriously with my friend on the Playstation 2, Champions of Norath. We decided that instead of rolling for our stats that we would have a limit of points and assign them ourselves, obviously being a ranger i wanted a high Dexterity, not even knowing how the game was played i wanted a high dexterity.

After making our characters the dungeon master set our party up on a map and gave us a task to accomplish, our task was simple make our way to the bandit camp and take neutralise them all. A relatively simple task but with a group of level 1 characters with no previous experience in this game it proved more difficult of a challenge than we anticipated.

The game was full of excitement and misery, for example the shot previously explained caused a huge amount of excitement and cheer as I almost saved the day, but on the flip side as an elven ranger, apparently I have an ability that lets me talk to nature and the wild animals, our party was in danger from a wolf so i decided to try and talk him down and let us pass, unfortunately for us I rolled a 1, this is a critical fail and means something bad will happen, the wolf retreated into the woods and came back with another member of his pack and an alpha Dire wolf and we was engaged in combat from this point with no way of running away. After a long and terribly unorganised battle with these wolves and me rolling more 1’s dropping my swords and arrows bouncing off teammates armour we finally prevailed and managed to make our way to the end of the level with relative ease in comparison to everything else that happened.

We made our way to the Bandits camp, me being the tactical thinker I am decided to check for traps, there was indeed a trap in the doorway to the cave entrance, I decided to try and disarm the trap and make it safe for everyone else in my party to get through. Would you have guessed it, I rolled another 1 and set the trap off, not losing any health but alerting all the bandits in the camp to our presence, another brilliant move by me. After a long and grueling battle with the bandits I managed to redeem myself and land an almost impossible shot on a Bandit Chieftain, between 2 team mates and in the head causing a critical hit that left him kneeling on the floor, if I had not made that shot, 2 teammates would have got a Chieftain’s Axe in the face and possibly have died due to being a low level. 

This concluded our first, of what is no doubt many, adventures and events we will be taking part in. As a reward for completing this task we was given, as a reward:

  • 500 Gold
  • A promotion to Level 2
  • And most importantly BEER!!!!!


I will be keeping a separate category under Social Events, just for Dungeons & Dragons.


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