Project – Continuation of Environments – Architecture 101 (20/11/13)

In today’s session linking on to our project we did a continuation on environments, looking at Architecture of buildings and structures. All the notes can be found on Gareth’s Blog, i found this session extremely useful for games design as during the lesson i kept imagining the kinds of buildings i like and how they can be put into a game.

To start off this session we looked at a piece of text and analysed it as a group and made sense of the text.

“a coast-line of mingled mud, ooze, and weedy Cyclopean masonry which can be nothing less the tangible substance of earth’s supreme terror — the nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh …loathsomely redolent of spheres and dimensions apart from ours“.

– H.P. Lovecraft, The Call Of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories.

I think that 3 words stand out the most in this piece, “Weedy Cyclopean Masonry” we made sense of this by thinking that “weedy” is like seaweed “Cyclopean” is Huge but not a creature “Masonry” is buildings so the Phrase “Weedy Cyclopean Masonry” means Huge Structures draped in Weeds.

We then moved on to being shown some of Gareth’s own work in this subject and even a little animation of something he made in Sketchup, based on a design he did in Photoshop, also we have been show buildings in different styles all over the world from Vikings to Russians and Japanese and Egyptian to name but a few, i made some notes of these in my notepad about the styles and the styles i liked. We was then presented with a Phrase “Non-Euclidean Geometry” this is trying to broaden our mind by imagining 2 parallel straight lines but on a massive scale, Say the surface of the Earth these lines will never be completely straight because they will be warped and bent around the world, imagining this will allow us to make some really unique designs of buildings.

I think this session was focused on making us see that different cultures have affected the architecture and designs of buildings and making us look and think about the world around us for inspiration in our work. Two quotes arose from Gareth this session that will stick with me and make me think about and do more work.

The first Quote:

Don’t be lazy: Find out more about the things you like, otherwise you are no better than a “Gold Fish”

And the second even more powerful Quote:

Get out and Draw From Observation!

You will never get better by drawing from Photos and Google Images!

These are 2 of the most powerful Quotes that we have encountered this year and will definitely make me look at things differently.

We moved on after this little rant and looked at how buildings used to have, instead of graphics and logos on them, they used carvings and sculptures of their wares above their shops to indicate what goods they sold and to attract the correct people into their shops. This was interesting as most games don’t do things like this and they just put a sign up outside of the shop to indicate it is a shop, with the same architectural design as all the others (Probably to save Time, Money and Effort) This is something i need to address when making a game and making a game unique.

We also touched briefly on how Utopia & Distopia can effect the level of architectural design involved in an environment, This will play a heavy part in a personal project that me and a couple of students (David Smith & Jason Pook) are working on.

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