3D Realisation – Back on Track – (20/11/13)

So while driving home I was stuck in traffic and started thinking about something Gareth told us about ;

“To be considered an expert at something you need to have put 10,000 hours into it”

Now this lead me to think, “I really want to put in the time but how do I put in 10,000 hours, when I don’t want to just draw random doodles” this caused a penny to drop in my head and everything kind of clicked into place, and it was something else Gareth said in one of our previous session;

“Get out and draw from observation”

Now this caused me to question why I picked a wolf to do for my creature design when I did a previous post on my blog about Design Ideas and I had thought about doing insects, or animals, now I was incredibly drawn to the insects so I decided that to listen to Gareth, but I cant just go outside and look at a wasp and draw it, because they aren’t known for their posing, and it is too cold for them to be outside. So against Gareth’s advice I decided to get a picture off of google of a wasp in a couple of different poses and positions and draw just the head to give me a little practice and allow me to learn the anatomy of a wasp.

20131122-234715.jpg3/4 shot of a wasp


Full front shot of a wasp.

This has provided me with a starting point for my design process and drawing up a few rough sketches allows me some much needed practice and focus for my research. These are the 2 sketches I drew that took me roughly 15-20 mins for each of them

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