Project – Graphics – Characters & Branding (18/11/13)

So today in our Monday afternoon session of Creative Futures we have looked at Characters, Branding, Colour etc… We have learnt how characters have brands and can be associated with something as little as a logo. Shepard from Mass Effect is a perfect example of this branding by the N7 badge he/she wears on their suit/clothing.


This is a perfect example, because you can go on Google Images and type in N7 and you will see hundreds of variations of this logo, on clothes, bags, posters, in game etc…

We then went on to discuss how this will link in to our Games design studies and the explanation was fantastic. Every logo or branding you see around you has been designed by someone, and are world famous recognisable brands or graphics, Nike being one of the Biggest. This links into our Games because the same as in the real world every logo or brand, each individual Graphic inside a game has been placed into that world by someone for a purpose, other wise a shop or a littered street would look very bare, we spoke about there being people who, in the real world have done good and bad designs, and how shops can ruin the architecture of a building with cheap graphics slapped all over it to draw you in.

We then spoke about how colour can be just as distinct as a brand or a logo, for example the Television Series, Smallville is based on the events of Clark Kent younger days before he became superman. This TV Series is basically everything we have been discussing in the session, because Clark Kent can move really fast to save people, everyone in the show referred to this as a red blue blur, which is basically superman’s iconic colours right there.

Smallville_justice2images (1)

This pretty much concluded our session and we learned that not only graphics and logos can be iconic but the colour of someones clothes can also be iconic.


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