Creative Futures – Monday / Wednesday session (Presentation)

Welcome to my presentation on our Creative Futures sessions, both Monday Afternoon and Wednesday Morning. To start off this blog I’ll talk about my blog.

All of the relevant posts in this presentation can be found under this link:

Creative Futures (I have a parent category for all of the subjects within this module)

In our of our very first, if not our first Monday Afternoon session we set about updating all of our login details for the college computers and we discussed the significance of online presence in our future line of work. We discussed one option of creating and maintaining a blog, which as you can see I am making full use of to keep and update and work from. I have found this to be one of the most valuable tools at our disposal throughout college, and potentially beyond even that.

We next further discussed more online presence and about other sites that we can use, for free to create and maintain, and I fully intend to create and maintain more of an online presence but as of now this is my current Online Presence.

First introduction to Photoshop

First session on Creativity

First session of SketchUp

Introduction to Graphics Project

Project – Character & Branding – My Final piece isn’t yet finished and once it is I will be uploading it to my Blog (1)

Moving on from our Monday Afternoon Creative Futures session, to our Wednesday Morning session. I have a lot of this on my blog already and I have put links to each individual post relevant to our Wednesday morning session. I will put the links into a chronological order to make it easier for myself and other to navigate.

Drawing 101 – Basics

Drawing 101 – Perspective

Drawing 101 – Observational

Project – Introduction – The following week we was asked to produce game pitch idea to focus our work on, My Idea

Project – Environments

Project – Architecture 101

Project – Props, Objects & Vehicles – I have since updated my blog with 1 of the pictures of a prop I have drawn – Updated Blog (Props – 2)

Project – Characters (3), Storyboards (4)and Concept Art – My blog posts for these sections are still a work in progress and will be updated soon.

Thank You For Listening.


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