Story For Adaptation

A Viking village or small town a few miles away from the base of the mountain, lead by an earl who has been given this title due to it being passed down in his family name.

This earl is a Tyrant and is driving the village or town into poverty with tax, people are dying due to starvation and exposure, the earl could help ease these peoples suffering by demanding less and stop forcing people to worshiping him simply because of this ceremonial item which he believes hold divine power.

His family name earned this title by his great great grandfather embarking on a dangerous journey through the mountain valley to visit the temple of the gods and recover the artefact of the gods. On this quest the adventurer must face their worst fears and follow the path to enlightenment. Legend has it that this man held the power from the gods and it corrupted him.

Once at the end of the journey the adventurer must place his hand upon the alter contained within the temple and utter the phrase written on the wall.  Once the phrase has been spoken the room will light up and the player will be transported to speak to the gods and if the gods deem them worthy they will be presented with an item that is ceremonial and will symbolise that the gods have spoken and this person has been deemed worthy to lead. This item will only work for the person who made the journey and completed the quest.

When and adventurer returns from his quest he has the most amazing stories to tell about the gods being mighty warriors and that the item that was bestowed on him gives him the power to defend his village and rule the land. This item is actually a test from the gods to see if it will corrupt the wielder or if he will help better his people and bring them all closer to enlightenment.

(This is just the making of my story, it is not yet finished)

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