Casual Games/Gamers Vs Hardcore Games/Gamers

We have been tasked with writing a 500 word blog post on the differences between casual gamers and hardcore gamers, i have done some research into this prior to our session and have concluded that i am a hardcore gamer with casual gamer tendencies, which may seem strange but let me elaborate.

As a Hardcore gamer i want to play games and beat them, not only beat them but destroy them. I want to complete it to my fullest ability and get the best items and explore all corners of the game, and even once this is complete there is no point in stopping there why not continue and enjoy what you have earned for a while. this is where i tend to have casual gamer tendencies, i will pick up a game i have finished and go in it and just mess around for 10 – 15 minutes doing some mini games or something silly then come off it. These are both traits of a casual gamer and a hardcore gamer so i decided to look on the internet and see what people thought about this subject.

This is a Wikipedia entry on the Subject of Gamers.

So we started off with a discussion, well more of a debate really, about the differences between casual games and hardcore games. In this discussion there was a lot of back and forth in saying “casual games can be played by hardcore players, and hardcore games can be played by casual players” and so on.

We discussed how a lot of games that can be defined as “Casual Games” have been given these micro transactions and made it so that if people want to invest time into the game they can reach the higher level stuff, but with these transactions for real money they can have access this higher level stuff without putting in the time to unlock it. Now this can have an appeal to many people if they don’t have the time to sit down and play games like the hardcore community, they can just pay the micro transactions. However if the game developers aim these games at children and these children ask their parents for £10 to put on this game, the developers will be making millions of pounds with just a target of children.

Next we discussed Richard Bartle who developed the Bartle Test for discerning what kind of gamer you are through a series of 30 questions in the form of a quiz. You can take the quiz Here. I have taken the quiz and i have been put in the banding of Explorer which does seem like its my thing in that i do like to explore a new world or a new area and discover everything i possibly can it said are then move on, but i am also an achiever in that i like to get the best stuff and be the best.

Bartle Test

This test is very fun to do i highly recommend doing it and paying attention to the GamerDNA Bot and what he says, some of them are very funny, but don’t let that influence your answers.

I really think that there is no right or wrong answer here, there will always be hardcore players playing a hardcore game in a hardcore setting with casual players alongside just playing for fun not really paying attention, but it is the same with the flip side of the coin, there will always be casual games for casual players in a casual setting that someone will take to seriously and try to attain the highest score possible and beat everyone else.

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