Typography – Brief Part 3

So the final part of our brief is that we have had to look at and discuss some typography artists/designers and the work they have done in regards to logo and branding designs.

To start this post i have absolutely no idea about typography and in my research i have learned a bit about this subject area.

Typography – the style and appearance of printed matter.

Google Definition

This short video explains a bit about what typography is and how it can be used

I have gone on to find a discussion on the topic of Typography by David Robinson. Its good to read about and is very interesting. You can read the Talk here

A couple of quotes stood out to me

“Nearly all of us have considered some aspects of typography before, if only by writing a letter, compiling a presentation or typing an email, that’s becausetypography is simply ‘the considered arrangement of letters and words and the visualisation of a spoken language’.


“Anybody can stick text into a box, but it’s craftsmanship and attention to detail that bring the piece to life.”


This is the start of my research into typography and will be posting more as and when i learn about it.

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