Comparison Essay: Introduction

Throughout the course of gaming history feminism has been a major problem within games, with most female protagonists being over sexualised or depicted as helpless individuals, most of which rely on male figures to provide protection or to rescue them from danger. In the more recent gaming culture an exploration into psychological manipulation has been the key focus of some games, this ties in with the feminist approach allowing gaming culture to move past the stereotype damsel in distress and produce a more deep/better developed female character. The two characters from the games I will be comparing and contrasting are Ellie and Joel from the game “The Last of Us”. This essay will discuss an aspect of evolution within the characters that have been mentioned and shows that even though gaming culture is still fairly young in the scope of history it has shown a definite maturity in its approach to dealing with feminism and the over sexualising of their characters, and how the use of psychological manipulation can cause the players to build bonds with those characters, however this does not count for every game that is produced.

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