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Creative Futures – Sound – Recording Studio Induction (4/11/13)

So today in our Creative Futures Sound session we have had our introduction and induction in the sound studio, we had to take notes and make sure we listened because the room is filled with expensive equipment and we have to make sure we know how to use it so we can make good recordings and produce good work.

This induction was very basic as it just basically put focus on hearing safety and that if we are wearing headphones to make sure we don’t plug anything into them that could potentially produce noise because that noise will be fed back through the headphones and then back to whatever you plugged in, amplified then bounce back to the headphones amplified even more and is a continuous loop and will happen within nano seconds quickly becoming a noise that will do permanent damage to your ear drum.

Other basic details such as whatever you bring in you must take out and put back etc… The walls are covered in a spiky cushion/foam this is to prevent any reverberation of sounds into the microphone, the basic idea behind this is that the sound will travel to the wall and disipate in the spikes of the wall and not bounce back to the microphone, this allows us to artificially add the souns of us being in a hall or on a street with a crisp and clear recording of our voice.

We then moved onto the equipment and Microphones and about the different settings on the mic, we have:

  • Omni-Directional – That records the sounds all round the microphone.
  • Cardoid – Only 1 directional (The direction of the logo).
  • 2 Way – This records sound from both the front and back of the mic.

We was also taught a useful method of getting the correct levels for a recording voice we had to talk to the microphone and say what we had for breakfast and what we did last night, this was able to give the person recording an accurate reading of your normal speaking voice and thus get the correct recording levels so your voice didn’t distort because you where to high volume.

This concluded our Induction and we was able to take a few pictures of us in the recording studio.


We are under a Non Disclosure Agreement not to leak any sound of our song, but when we do it is going to blow your mind!

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Creativity – Design Process (23/10/13)

Today in our lesson we discussed creativity and how it is linked to certain genes and how it can be turned on and off. This I find interesting as you can often hear about artists or creative people needing inspiration before they can do work.

Well during our lesson we was shown a method/process that our tutor Gareth uses in every project or brief that he has, or will do. This process is interesting and he asked us all if we had a method of completing projects or pieces of work, I am not aware of any process I go through to complete work, our tutor was not shocked at non of us being aware of a process that we go through. Our tutor then went on to explain that during our time at college, it is the perfect time to develop our process and become aware of it.

Gareth showed us his design process that he had written down on paper and was able to visualise it step by step. Here is a link to his own personal blog post showing said design process:

Drawing 101 – Life Drawing (16/10/13)

Today in drawing 101 we got a nice chance to practice at life and observational drawing. Gareth brought in some musical instruments that we got chance to look at and draw, he brought in some art supplies and come mannequins that we got a chance to observe and sketch.

The Art supplies where the easiest to draw because most of it was simple geometric shapes and shading, i wish i had spent more time on drawing these.


The next step up was the mannequins because these where not just simple shapes, but they gave you the basic contour lines in the seams of the fabric the was covered in. Lastly was the hardest of the 3 due to them being unusual shapes and not having visible contour lines, I really wanted to push myself and give these a go, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the picture with a student in it.

20131016_120705 20131016_120720

Drawing 101 – Perspective (9/10/13)

Today we learned how to do drawing from a 2 point perspective. 2 point perspective is having 2 vanishing points along a single horizon line. We learned about doing simple shapes in 2 point perspective.


Then once we learned how to do simple shapes we attempted to do a wheel from a bike.


I was happy with the way this turned out, while drawing the circle of the wheel it started to look out of shape and not very wheel like, surprising to say that once I had finished I was shocked to believe that a wheel could look like a wheel with one face that looks like an ellipse. This is one of the most enlightening lessons we have had in the 2 weeks we have been at college.

Drawing 101

We recently had a lesson on how to draw, which I found very interesting. We discussed in great detail the basics of drawing, and why every design student needs to learn to draw. We was shown a short video by a man named “Saul Bass”

I found this video enlightening and it really made me want to better myself. After this shot video we discussed the phrase ‘Taking a line for a walk’ and ‘Pareidolia’ – Making a connection between thing with no prior connection. A good example of this is seeing images in clouds.

Further from this we discussed the importance of drawing simple Geometric shapes (Cubes, Spheres, Cones, Cylinders) and trying to imagine the drawing as a 3 Dimensional object on a 2 Dimensional plane. This idea we see a lot in street art and drawing illusions.

We have been set a task to draw some simple shapes in different angles with different lighting angles. I decided to do have one light source and use that source to make the shadows have different angles.