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Typography – Brief Part 3

So the final part of our brief is that we have had to look at and discuss some typography artists/designers and the work they have done in regards to logo and branding designs.

To start this post i have absolutely no idea about typography and in my research i have learned a bit about this subject area.

Typography – the style and appearance of printed matter.

Google Definition

This short video explains a bit about what typography is and how it can be used

I have gone on to find a discussion on the topic of Typography by David Robinson. Its good to read about and is very interesting. You can read the Talk here

A couple of quotes stood out to me

“Nearly all of us have considered some aspects of typography before, if only by writing a letter, compiling a presentation or typing an email, that’s becausetypography is simply ‘the considered arrangement of letters and words and the visualisation of a spoken language’.


“Anybody can stick text into a box, but it’s craftsmanship and attention to detail that bring the piece to life.”


This is the start of my research into typography and will be posting more as and when i learn about it.

Semiotics – Brief Part 2

Semiotics gives you the ability to decode an image and identify a hidden meaning within a particular section of that image.

  • Semiotics – The study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.

We have been tasked with describing the meaning of/differences between the terms “Signifiers” & “Signified”. Here are the definitions of the terms Signifier and Signified followed by an example of them in use.

  • Signifier – A sign’s physical form (such as the image, mark, sound, written word Etc…)
  • Signified – This is the mental concept we have for what the Signifier stands for, it could be a concept, object or emotion. This is to what the Signifier refers to.
Dyad, Ferdinad de Saussure
Dyad, Ferdinad de Saussure

For example if I am talking about my “CAT” (Which you have all never seen) The Signifier is the word “CAT” and the Signified is what image is provoked in your mind, not “My CAT” but a mental concept of “Catness” (Feline, Meows, Wiskers, Fish, Milk, Mice, Fur Etc…)

  • An Icon – “Where the sign relates to its object in some resemblance with it, i.e. a Photograph”. It physically resembles what it stands for.
  • A Symbol – “Where the sign relates to its object by means of convention alone, i.e. Word, a flag”. Relates to via social convention.
  • An Index – “Where the sign relates to its object in terms of causation, e.g. sundial, paw print, medical symptom”. It correlates with or points to.