Drawing 101

We recently had a lesson on how to draw, which I found very interesting. We discussed in great detail the basics of drawing, and why every design student needs to learn to draw. We was shown a short video by a man named “Saul Bass”

I found this video enlightening and it really made me want to better myself. After this shot video we discussed the phrase ‘Taking a line for a walk’ and ‘Pareidolia’ – Making a connection between thing with no prior connection. A good example of this is seeing images in clouds.

Further from this we discussed the importance of drawing simple Geometric shapes (Cubes, Spheres, Cones, Cylinders) and trying to imagine the drawing as a 3 Dimensional object on a 2 Dimensional plane. This idea we see a lot in street art and drawing illusions.

We have been set a task to draw some simple shapes in different angles with different lighting angles. I decided to do have one light source and use that source to make the shadows have different angles.


About Me

This is a page for you to learn more about me…

My name is Phillip Maclennan, I am 21 years old born March 24th 1992 in the city of Hull. I have lived in Hull all my life, but have ambitions to move out of Hull maybe even out of England all together “Who Knows”.

I am currently studying Games Design (BA) at Hull College in the HSAD (Hull School of Art & Design) building. I have a passion for gaming and drawing. More so the drawing aspect than the gaming over the past 1-2 years (That doesn’t mean I haven’t played games for the past 2 years, it just means I have been less focused on it than I was in my school years).

As for drawing I have really been interested in the work done by a Manga artist who goes by the name Mark Crilley. He does loads of ‘How to Draw’ videos and has really helped me develop my drawing skills. His simplistic style and clear voice makes it so anybody can draw even the most complex of pictures.

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