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3D Realisation Presentation (Final Hand In)

So this is my presentation for my final hand in for 3D Realisation. I will post screenshots and Jpegs of all my work and i will provide a copy of all my models on the disc for my final hand in.

So starting at the beginning with our first models that we did for modelling from observation.

We all drew cards and it corresponded to an item on the desk that we then had to model to the best of our abilities. (Bear in mind these are our first models that are more complex than a cube)

The first item i had to model was a toy Helicopter



I felt like this model was successful in what i was trying to achieve .

Because i had finished my helicopter i was asked to model another, soI modelled a mac mouse

Mac Mouse


After we had sharpened our skills we was then told an item in the building that we had to go and find and take our own reference photos and then model that object. However with this object we was given an additional challenge of modelling this to scale.

This was much harder to achieve a satisfying result, so i got the model as close as i could and to the best of my abilities. My object was a Loom.



The box on the right is the average height of a player in UDK

Loom Scale


The next task we was given was to a bunch of electronic equipment in a low poly format.

So i set out modelling the objects, I started with the hardest model first so i could get to grips with it, because i had an idea of how i would go around modelling the rest.

But i will start with the 2 lowest poly models the Gamecube and the Wii.

The Gamecube (64 polys)


I wasnt fully happy with this model because i spent more time on the hardest model than i should have.

The Wii (64 polys)


This was definitely the easiest object to model

The next object was a Nintendo 64 (128 polys)

Nintendo 64


This was a much better object to model as we was allowed more polygons to make the shape more detailed.

Next was the Xbox 360 (128 polys)

Xbox 360

This is my second best model of the low poly models

Next we have the controllers (256 polys)

Xbox 360 controller (256 polys)

Xbox 360 Controller

I managed to get the shape right but the model is very flat and not the best

Nintendo 64 Controller (256 polys)

N64 Controller

The same applies for this one as the Xbox controller

Guitar hero Controller (256 polys)

Guitar Model


This is definitely my best low poly model.

After this i decided that i would continue my little project for modelling a Ditto. I have previously done a little silly shape using my kneaded eraser.

20140118_012801 20140118_012822

After this i decided that i would continue our session in clay modelling and produce a full 3d model of it.

20140118_235429 20140118_235511

And then finally i decided to model it in 3D software. I started this model in mudbox, another autodesk piece of software, and then i exported this model from mudbox into 3D Studio Max and applied a turbosmooth modifier and unwrapped the UV’s to apply a face to the model, because i couldnt sculpt the face as i would need to make the model to high a poly count to be able to render it in any decent time, and it was only mini side project.



After this the whole group had to work together on a simple 1 session task to create a garage with some items in it, but the main focus was to create hand painted textures. While everyone decided to make an item for the garage i decided that i would make a tileable texture for the walls of the garage.

After a significant chunk of assistance for a 2nd year student and some coaching for our tutor i was able to produce something that i was satisfied with


Here it is tiled

Brick_Wall Tiled

Our next and final project was the street building.

I had proposed that i would build a Pub on the waterfront

This was my first attempt, but i screwed up the topology of the model by extruding the edges of a NGon and because the extruded face has no uvw data of its own, it takes its data from the edges you extruded. and this was the outcome

Messed Up Topology

After a bit of time messing with the model i decided to start again and this time not make the same mistake again.

This was the outcome of my second attempt at making this building

3ds max

This looked much more simple but every time i tried to arch the door and the windows it would start bending the textures and ruining the topology of the data. so i had to compromise and not make them arched. I also changed the style of the roof so that it would fit the brief and but up against the neighbouring buildings in UDK.

With that being said i needed to make sure that this model would export successfully to the UDK.

Udk Launch Screen

After loading UDK i barely knew what to do, i knew how to import an object and place it on the plane, but that was my extent of UDK knowledge

Building In Udk

This is my building un textured, i had to do some research to learn how to make my imported texture into a material and then apply it to a texture.

Udk Material Building

I finally learned how to do this and make the Material.

Building In Udk Textured

And this is my final building in UDK with a normal and colour map applied on it.

Thank you for listening!

3D Realisation – Back on Track – (20/11/13)

So while driving home I was stuck in traffic and started thinking about something Gareth told us about ;

“To be considered an expert at something you need to have put 10,000 hours into it”

Now this lead me to think, “I really want to put in the time but how do I put in 10,000 hours, when I don’t want to just draw random doodles” this caused a penny to drop in my head and everything kind of clicked into place, and it was something else Gareth said in one of our previous session;

“Get out and draw from observation”

Now this caused me to question why I picked a wolf to do for my creature design when I did a previous post on my blog about Design Ideas and I had thought about doing insects, or animals, now I was incredibly drawn to the insects so I decided that to listen to Gareth, but I cant just go outside and look at a wasp and draw it, because they aren’t known for their posing, and it is too cold for them to be outside. So against Gareth’s advice I decided to get a picture off of google of a wasp in a couple of different poses and positions and draw just the head to give me a little practice and allow me to learn the anatomy of a wasp.

20131122-234715.jpg3/4 shot of a wasp


Full front shot of a wasp.

This has provided me with a starting point for my design process and drawing up a few rough sketches allows me some much needed practice and focus for my research. These are the 2 sketches I drew that took me roughly 15-20 mins for each of them

3D Realisation – Design Ideas (18/10/13)

I was sat in my room Friday night, drinking a few beers, and a sudden wave of ideas just overwhelmed me, I had to write my ideas down.

At first it was Keywords and writing notes next to them:

  • Dragon: Scales, wings, fire, claws, teeth
  • Creature: Ugly, scary, unnatural
  • Abomination: Hideous, extra limbs, dis figuration
  • Deformed: Abnormal, limbs, crooked
  • Warped: Twisted, bent, folded

After these ideas ceased I started to thing about my 3D project. As I am doing creature design I decided that what I should do is take animals and insects from the real world and apply those ideas and keywords to them. Here is a list of the things I got: (Subject to Change)

  1. Insects & Bugs: Beetles, Butterflies, Worms, Caterpillars, Cockroaches, Spiders, Dragonflies, Wasps
  2. Animals: Cats, Dogs, Horses, Goats, Pigs, Monkeys, Badgers, Lions, Tigers, Eagles, Birds, Fish

Some of the list are very vague even to myself who made the notes so I decided to elaborate

  1. Cats: Lions, Tigers, Ocelot,
  2. Dogs: Wolf, Rottweiler, Dobermann, Siberian Husky,
  3. Fish: (Amphibious) Sharks, Crocodiles,

After the elaboration on animals I turned my attention to the Environment and Animation


From Latin animātiō, “the act of bringing to life”; from animō (“to animate” or “give life to”) and -ātiō (“the act of”).

Taken from the Wikipedia Etymology

I am in the process of designing creatures and will be posting my results soon.

3D Realisation – Research (16/10/13)

Today in 3D realisation we got a chance to focus our research and find more out about our chosen artist and subject. We also attempted to get in contact with them via the internet, I found out that Kevin Lanning is on Linkedin and attempted to contact him about his work and inspiration because his was has really influenced mine. Unfortunately I cannot find any contact details or any way to ask him about his work on the Gears of War series.

In my own attempts to focus my research I started writing down ideas for what will help my design process. Here are some of the things I got written down for my creature design:

  • Bulky
  • Scaly
  • Claws

I am not entirely sure if I want to make the creature intelligent and have advanced technologies or if they will be deformed and very little intelligence. I will have to explore this a little further to find which I prefer. In the mean time me and a few fellow college students went for a little drive to Hobbycraft and decided to buy some White Air Drying Clay and have a little play around and get used to sculpting as we will need to be sculpting a section of our design as part of our Module.