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Adaptation – Environment/Architecture (Update)

Since starting my adaptation project i have developed my idea into something radically different that what i started with. Here is my starting story for the project

Storyboard 1

This has since been adapted and worked upon to become this (Story)

With this new story i decided to revisit my whole environments.

New Project – The Street

We have been set a new brief in our creative futures module, to look at and research a high street or a naturally evolved shopping and entertainment area that mixes retail, financial, leisure and domestic dwelling/accommodation.

These are just a few pictures of where i have researched around where i live,

I was particularly interested how the buildings where re-purposed and decorated to be used in modern society, most of these buildings are different heights and are on curved roads, some buildings where so run down they had trees growing out of the chimneys.

Looking at the second part of the brief, i went back to some of these places and did some observational drawing of the buildings and features i found interesting and liked.

My first street sketch

This drawing i am not happy with as i had no focus or focal point to pay more attention to detail with, but it was a good exercise in perspective drawing, even though i realize that the perspective is off.

My second street sketch

With this drawing i wanted to focus more on making it look 3D and capturing the different levels in the roofs, i also tried to add some shading and i feel like it was a major improvement on the first.

My third street sketch

With this drawing, i tried to capture the essence of a domestic dwelling attached to the same building as a pub (but not directly above in typical pub flats). The first sign hanging off the wall is a “To Let” sign and the second is directly over the pub door. I found this very interesting and fun to draw. My perspective is off again, so i had a chat with my tutor and he told me to try and draw the line i see, rather than the line i know, because we see and object like a ball that is close to us and in the palm of our hand, but looks the same size as a building in the background. I have to get out of the habit of thinking about how the lines will fit together and draw them how they look.

3D Realisation – Topology

So we was introduced into the world of topology last week, after a week of research and struggling to understand what this term means, a fellow student “Jason Pook” linked me to a site that explained it better than all the rest.

Topology – Definition


The word topology refers to the geometric surface characteristics of a 3D object.


Modelers strive for “clean” topology, typically illustrated by a 3D mesh with efficient polygon distribution, proper placement of polygonal edge-loops, few or no triangular faces (as opposed to 4-sided “quads”), and clean precise creases that minimize stretching and distortion.


So as a part of our session we was set a task to find 3 pictures and draw our own topology over them. We was asked to do so using only Straight lines, Not curved ones and only using the “Quad Polygons” mentioned above.

The 3 pictures we was asked to look for were: A pre 1980’s Family Saloon Car, An old Leather Couch and A Bust of Somebody Famous.

For the pre 1980’s Family Saloon Car I chose a Ford Granada and drew my topology over that. Unfortunately I made a mistake in that I didn’t save the Photoshop .psd file and I saved the picture with the image in the background, (We was asked to not have the image in the background of the Topology) but here is my original with my finished product.

Ford GranadaFord Granada WireFrame

My next task to attempt was an Old worn Leather Sofa, Again I made a few mistakes and got lazy when it came to the back rest of the chair but I attempted to make up for that in the next 1

Old Worn Leather Couch (2)Old Worn Leather Couch


Finally we have the bust of somebody famous, I attempted this one last because I knew it would be the hardest of the lot to finish, but I really enjoyed doing it. The person I chose was Jason Momoa, I chose an image of him in the TV Series “Game Of Thrones”. I know that the topology isn’t perfect, but in the future I will strive for perfection.

Jason Momoa (2)Jason Momoa


I really enjoyed this exercise and I know that knowing how Topology works, not only will i become a better 3D Modeller, but also better at drawing.

Side Project – “Bus Stop”

So today we have had a discussion about making manageable side projects that we can do to hone our skills and craft. Today we have been given a mini brief titled “Bus Stop”, this kind of project can be used to support our portfolio.

For the purpose of this project the words “Bus Stop” can be interpreted as “Any place in which people might gather to board transport of some kind”.

After being given this we have been left to look at our own stuff and try to draw from this project what we can. The purpose of giving us a brief is to give us some focus instead of spending a week thinking of what to do, it has been set for us and we just have to work on our creative sides and make something interesting.

From this blog i want to work on my drawing, but mainly my perspective drawing.

For my project i decided to look at all kinds of transportation like

Tube Tube (2) Gondola (2) Row Boat Air Boat Ferry (2) Safari (4) Camel Ice Air Boat (3) Snow Mobile Bus (3)

So after looking through a few different forms of transport i decided that i would make my bus stop an arctic research facility and have a group of about 8 people at shift change after being on site for a week or so all huddled together with their bags and boxes waiting for a snow mobile to bring in their replacements.

So to Begin with i have found some pictures of Arctic research facilities and setups.

Arctic Outpost (5) Arctic Outpost (6) Arctic Outpost (7) Arctic Outpost Arctic Outpost (2) Arctic Outpost (3)

These are just my primary ideas and i will be making some thumbnail sketches of the facility and the entrance and some sketches of some equipment and make it look cluttered and and in a state of disorganisation and give it a sense of realism as these people moving will be tired, cold and frustrated and not be packing things very neatly, just getting it together to get home as soon as possible.

These are just my initial thought and i will be working on this over the next few weeks.

3D Realisation – Back on Track – (20/11/13)

So while driving home I was stuck in traffic and started thinking about something Gareth told us about ;

“To be considered an expert at something you need to have put 10,000 hours into it”

Now this lead me to think, “I really want to put in the time but how do I put in 10,000 hours, when I don’t want to just draw random doodles” this caused a penny to drop in my head and everything kind of clicked into place, and it was something else Gareth said in one of our previous session;

“Get out and draw from observation”

Now this caused me to question why I picked a wolf to do for my creature design when I did a previous post on my blog about Design Ideas and I had thought about doing insects, or animals, now I was incredibly drawn to the insects so I decided that to listen to Gareth, but I cant just go outside and look at a wasp and draw it, because they aren’t known for their posing, and it is too cold for them to be outside. So against Gareth’s advice I decided to get a picture off of google of a wasp in a couple of different poses and positions and draw just the head to give me a little practice and allow me to learn the anatomy of a wasp.

20131122-234715.jpg3/4 shot of a wasp


Full front shot of a wasp.

This has provided me with a starting point for my design process and drawing up a few rough sketches allows me some much needed practice and focus for my research. These are the 2 sketches I drew that took me roughly 15-20 mins for each of them

3D Realisation – Progression – (23/10/13)

So today we was given an opportunity to develop our 3D designs and make them more refined, I decided to do a few simple drawings of a couple of wolves for some research as I wanted to do a wolf for my 3D design, but sticking with the subject choice of Creature Design I decided put a twist on this and make him 3 headed. This was the result of my quick sketches, (I had a step by step on how to draw them)

20131122-234432.jpgAngry Wolf

20131122-234458.jpgWolf from Zelda

After i had drawn these i had an attempt at making them out of clay and this did not work as according to plan and i did not make anything worth taking a picture of, but i have bought since then some different modelling tools that i will make clear in a separate post.

Drawing 101 – Life Drawing (16/10/13)

Today in drawing 101 we got a nice chance to practice at life and observational drawing. Gareth brought in some musical instruments that we got chance to look at and draw, he brought in some art supplies and come mannequins that we got a chance to observe and sketch.

The Art supplies where the easiest to draw because most of it was simple geometric shapes and shading, i wish i had spent more time on drawing these.


The next step up was the mannequins because these where not just simple shapes, but they gave you the basic contour lines in the seams of the fabric the was covered in. Lastly was the hardest of the 3 due to them being unusual shapes and not having visible contour lines, I really wanted to push myself and give these a go, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the picture with a student in it.

20131016_120705 20131016_120720

Drawing 101 – Perspective (9/10/13)

Today we learned how to do drawing from a 2 point perspective. 2 point perspective is having 2 vanishing points along a single horizon line. We learned about doing simple shapes in 2 point perspective.


Then once we learned how to do simple shapes we attempted to do a wheel from a bike.


I was happy with the way this turned out, while drawing the circle of the wheel it started to look out of shape and not very wheel like, surprising to say that once I had finished I was shocked to believe that a wheel could look like a wheel with one face that looks like an ellipse. This is one of the most enlightening lessons we have had in the 2 weeks we have been at college.