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Project – Intro to Graphics (11/11/13)

Today in Creative Futures we have been looking at an Introduction to Graphics and their importance in games and games design. We have had an exercise to really show how much we do not pay attention to the graphics of the world around us, we was shown a busy street in a city and all the adverts and signs had been blanked out and blended in using Photoshop. The street looked very strange without signs, adverts or billboards, and we then had to think about how, who and when these signs, adverts and billboards are made. This lesson really makes you think about Graphics and how it can influence our choices and alter our perception of reality.

times squareThis really shows the level of Graphic design.

After being shown a busy street we was shown a blank police car, it isn’t until you are shown and made to look at a police car and all the marking on it, that you realise how much design and thought has gone into such designs, for example each police car has a number on the top, to identify each car, that is or will be, involved in any responses to the helicopters above. This just shows the level of thought that has gone into the design of a police car because none of us have thought about things that far ahead and in that level of detail.

article-1289560-0A323CC2000005DC-550_634x369You can really see the Graphics here.

All this leads us to the point that in games and especially in games design we need to look at and apply designs and Graphics to our levels and environments to add a sense of realism for the player and viewer, for example something as simple as a little logo on a shirt to something as subtle as a sign on a pub, instead of being printed on a wall above the door pubs generally have their name in brass and slightly offset from the wall or they have a plaque hanging near the door to indicate it is a pub, have a look, next time you visit a pub, at its name and plaque and how its designed, most will be as i described.

3 Aug 08 (33)1436

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at and designing a graphic to sit in the background of an environment or scene and looking for examples of good and bad designs, because in real life we have good and bad designers, our created worlds are no different, having this embedded in our games, environments and scenes we attain a level of realism that will go unnoticed but provide our players and viewers with an intense level of immersion.

I will be starting to compile a digital resource of images to refer to for ideas and inspiration.