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3D Realisation – Research (16/10/13)

Today in 3D realisation we got a chance to focus our research and find more out about our chosen artist and subject. We also attempted to get in contact with them via the internet, I found out that Kevin Lanning is on Linkedin and attempted to contact him about his work and inspiration because his was has really influenced mine. Unfortunately I cannot find any contact details or any way to ask him about his work on the Gears of War series.

In my own attempts to focus my research I started writing down ideas for what will help my design process. Here are some of the things I got written down for my creature design:

  • Bulky
  • Scaly
  • Claws

I am not entirely sure if I want to make the creature intelligent and have advanced technologies or if they will be deformed and very little intelligence. I will have to explore this a little further to find which I prefer. In the mean time me and a few fellow college students went for a little drive to Hobbycraft and decided to buy some White Air Drying Clay and have a little play around and get used to sculpting as we will need to be sculpting a section of our design as part of our Module.

3D Realisation – Artists (2/10/13)

In our 3D Realisation lesson we have been set a task to find and research 3 professional artists that have worked in 3D and on shipped games. When starting my research I found it extremely difficult to find the artists and work they had done, that is until my fellow student thought to look in the games credits to find artists. Our research from this point exploded and we found more than a handful of artists to look at and find inspiration from.

I decided to pick 3 artists that would give me a range of areas to look at and study. This was a huge mistake on my part, in choosing a wide range of areas I found myself struggling to pick a subject to focus on.

The Artists I found:

Jesse Van Dijk – An Environmental Designer

Mao Lin Liao – A Character and Designer

Kevin Lanning – A Creature Designer