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The Street – Building Proposal

Building Type: A pub,  1 storey with a mansard roof in the centre with sloped roofs on the sides, aimed at serving groups of people with food and alcohol.

Mansard Roof

Period Built: The style of the building is a 20th century pub with some 21st century design. It was a Seaman’s Mission before it got re-purposed to be a pub/restaurant

Street Thumbnail

Contemporary Changes: See additional notes.

State of Repair: Old and worn brick work but structurally sound.

Important External Features: Signage, a Black A Board with chalk writing  on the deals of the day, hand written and a pub sign above the door. Picnic benches on the front of the building with umbrellas.

Pub Sign and Lantern

A Board

Problems to solve: The interior design of the building, however i may put some more black boards with writing on them to block the players view.

Additional Notes: A beer garden to the side of the building, with an awning/gazebo, benches with tables and a bucket of sand for the smokers to put out their cigarettes. A low brick wall with metal rails to stop people from getting in the garden.

Brick wall with railing

Brick wall with railing Photo

Side Project – “Bus Stop”

So today we have had a discussion about making manageable side projects that we can do to hone our skills and craft. Today we have been given a mini brief titled “Bus Stop”, this kind of project can be used to support our portfolio.

For the purpose of this project the words “Bus Stop” can be interpreted as “Any place in which people might gather to board transport of some kind”.

After being given this we have been left to look at our own stuff and try to draw from this project what we can. The purpose of giving us a brief is to give us some focus instead of spending a week thinking of what to do, it has been set for us and we just have to work on our creative sides and make something interesting.

From this blog i want to work on my drawing, but mainly my perspective drawing.

For my project i decided to look at all kinds of transportation like

Tube Tube (2) Gondola (2) Row Boat Air Boat Ferry (2) Safari (4) Camel Ice Air Boat (3) Snow Mobile Bus (3)

So after looking through a few different forms of transport i decided that i would make my bus stop an arctic research facility and have a group of about 8 people at shift change after being on site for a week or so all huddled together with their bags and boxes waiting for a snow mobile to bring in their replacements.

So to Begin with i have found some pictures of Arctic research facilities and setups.

Arctic Outpost (5) Arctic Outpost (6) Arctic Outpost (7) Arctic Outpost Arctic Outpost (2) Arctic Outpost (3)

These are just my primary ideas and i will be making some thumbnail sketches of the facility and the entrance and some sketches of some equipment and make it look cluttered and and in a state of disorganisation and give it a sense of realism as these people moving will be tired, cold and frustrated and not be packing things very neatly, just getting it together to get home as soon as possible.

These are just my initial thought and i will be working on this over the next few weeks.

Project – Props, Objects & Vehicles – Development of Environment (27/11/13)

So today we have had an introduction to props and vehicles design, and we had a discussion of Ergonomics and how things are designed to fit the person that is using them. A brilliant example of this is that some cash points have 2 different heights, 1 rather short and the other slightly larger, clearly to accommodate disabled people using a wheelchair and making it lower and more accessible. We also looked at the Haptica watch, which is a watch designed for blind or sight impaired people and uses braille so that people can have a pride of ownership and not have watches that read the time to you and potentially disrupt a meal or meeting.

After this discussion we have been set a task of making an exhaustive list of items and props that would be found in our environment. This list has to have at least 3 dozen items in it, and not overlapping, for example “Blue sock, Red sock, Yellow sock” will all be counted as 1 item just with an extensive category.

So I started work on my list almost immediately and began listing off things that would fit into my Adaptation, this is my list so far:

For Vehicles I have:

  • UAV, (Unmanned Air Vehicle)
  • Ground Drone, (Reconnaissance Drone)
  • Assault Drone, (Drone with mounted guns)

As for my Objects & Props I have:

  • Stargate (For embarking to other worlds)
  • Ramp (To get up to the Stargate)
  • Rails (To guide the drones up, Both Air & Ground)
  • Cupboard (Both open and closed)
  • Guns (Inside the cupboard)
  • Clothing (Jackets, waterproof, Etc…)
  • Armour (Body armour, Helmets, Etc…)
  • Cables (Power, communication Etc…)
  • Power box/Fuse box
  • Clamps (To hold the gate in place)
  • Lights (Over head and alarm lights)
  • Alarm button
  • Phone (Emergency on the wall)
  • Blast door (Over the observation window)
  • Iris (To place over the gate and stop things coming through)
  • Sand bags (For guards to take cover behind)
  • Mounted guns
  • Speakers
  • CCTV (To play back any incidents)
  • Toolbox (Spanner, Screwdrivers, hammers Etc…)

These are just my initial thought for things located inside the gateroom. This next list is for things located inside the observation room:

  • Computers (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse Etc….)
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Coffee cups
  • Pens
  • Notepads
  • Map (of the stargate points)
  • Artifacts
  • Pictures (Personal people)
  • Printers
  • First Aid Kit
  • Radio (Communication to the First Aid Room)
  • Weapons (For rapid response to an emergency)

Here are a few of my drawings of my scene and what i want it to look like stripped down to bare minimum in the way of props.

Gateroom from behind the Stargate
Gateroom from behind the Stargate
View from the observation room of the stargate
View from the observation room of the stargate