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Casual Games – Introduction to Flash – Software!!!!!! (11/11/13)

Today in our Games Design – Introduction session we have been introduced to some software, Adobe Flash Professional. We had been set a task to make a basic ball that bounces across a screen with a button to replay the scene. Here is the finished product and my first ever production in flash, unfortunately I had to render it as a video and upload it to YouTube for you to be able to view it

We was given a link to a website that taught us the basics of making something like this. Here is that link Tutorial. While reading and following along to this tutorial you get to learn the basic layout of Flash and of the tools it has to offer. I will talk about these basic tools in a little more detail with functions and layout.

Screenshot for blog

You get the basic drawing tools that most of the adobe programs give you, with all the same functions as normal. You are then presented with a screen that, to most people can be quite daunting to look at, it was the same for me “Where do you even start to make a ball bounce”. So the first thing to do was make a ball using the circle tool and then converting that shape into a Symbol that can then be moved around and made into our animation. After making a Symbol we had to move the ball off the field of view and create a motion tween which will draw a line with points at each frame that can be tweened to make your ball do some crazy things. Upon inspection of the room i saw that everyone was doing a very simple ball bouncing across a screen, I wanted to push myself a little further and decided to expand my field of view and make a ball that came from the top of the screen and bounced around the room. I was pleased with the outcome of my first attempt on Flash, But then disaster fell. After the craziness of making a ball bounce around a screen we had to make a small piece of code for the Replay button. Code is awful for me, if you miss a capital letter or a semi colon your whole script is ruined and the outcome is less than satisfactory (It wont work!) Fortunately we have been given the code for this piece, (We dodged a bullet) but after this it was easy. Once this is done you are finished, all you needed to do is publish your work and enjoy it.

EmeraldSword gaming Phillip Maclennan Games Design

This is the first blog post from EmeraldSword gaming by Phillip Maclennan. I am a Games Design (Ba) student at Hull college. This is primarily a test post to make sure that the information is going where it needs to be. I have put a link to my Favorite Artist Mark Crilley‘s youtube Channel and a video of the tools he uses to make his amazing artwork.